Logistics service providers, digital and analogue, large and small are flooded every day with questions that take time and money to answer. They come in by email, phone, text message, online enquiry, fax and I think we once saw a carrier pigeon. Right now, there are teams of skilled customs brokers, transport planners and supply chain analysts responding to these questions.

What if we could teach a robot to do it for you?

Connect your data

We build links into your TMS to securely gain access to the shipping data your clients need. Our app works seamlessly with most modern systems, from Cargowise, DataFreight, SAP, BoxTop and many more.

Build your personality

We help you to write the logic that goes into how your app responds to your customers; you can adapt the language, style of response and create the exact tone to match your business. We also think it helps to give them a name.

Deploy your app

Once the database is connected and the logic is created, you're ready to launch your app into the Android and Apple marketplaces at the touch of a button, delivering instant answers to your clients.

How can we help you?

We always tailor the solution to you. Book a demo to start that journey.

Automated Customer Service

Connecting Your Client to Data

Our team has performed hundreds of integrations across many systems, and our processes are designed from the ground up around layered freight and shipping data structures.

  • Cargowise One
  • BoxTop
  • SAP
  • DataFreight
  • Forward Office
  • …and many more

Designed By You, Loved By Your Clients

Customer experience is a hot topic within the Freight and Logistics industry. 

  • Answer client enquiries with zero effort
  • Communicate via app notifications
  • Drive engagement
  • Detect emotions
  • Handover to helpdesk
  • Integrate with CRM

Natively Developed, Easy to Use App

Our App is built using modern, lightweight code natively on any Android  or Apple device so you’ll never have performance issues. You’ll quickly gather data on your customer behavior, which will help to target pinch points in your client experience 

Once you understand exactly what questions your clients are asking, you can quantitatively address 


How did you manage that shipment?

We can provide more insight that you thought possible

  • App feedback button
  • How did we do?
  • Net promotor score
  • Fix recurring issues in processes
  • 5 star ratings
  • Customise your feedback requirement

Plans & Pricing


Perfect for forwarders, especially the SME, who would like a standalone solution

  • Up to 100 Client Users
  • 10 Question Slots Included
  • Push Notifications
  • Developer Forum

A great fit for mid-sized forwarders looking to integrate client queries with CRM

  • Up to 500 Client Users
  • 25 Question Slots Included
  • Push Notifications
  • Developer Forum
  • Priority Support

Suitable for multi-national forwarders with diverse client-bases and services

  • Unlimited Client Users
  • Unlimited Question Slots
  • Push Notifications
  • VIP Developer Forum
  • Priority Support
  • Fully Branded App

Developer Diary

Integrations & Partners